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Rupa + Anish, Cambridge University Wedding Video

Surrey + Cambridge University Wedding

Rupa + Anish had their civil ceremony at Cambridge University, accompanied by a week of parties and a huge finale, with their Hindu Wedding Ceremony, at Rupa’s Surrey family home. This was no ordinary wedding. Rupa and Anish are two of the loveliest, most genuine and most welcoming people we’ve ever met, and their families were exactly the same. It was such a pleasure to have been involved in their wedding celebrations.

Cambridge University Wedding Video

Working with East West Photography is always a pleasure. They’re a great laugh. Especially when Gurwinder goes in on how easy videography is. “It’s so easy man! I was doing it the other day. You guys do nothing. Literally, I just pressed record and left it running. It’s so easy!”
As us two videographers sat there eating our lunch…

Stunts, Food and Dancing

This wedding was planned down to the very last detail. Not a surprise when the planner was the lovely and very militant Anupa from Principal Global Events! From the marquee’s to the food, the mandap to the contortionists. There were wow-factors everywhere you looked. And the music from DJ Kaos was always going to be good!!

F o l l o w   U s !