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Flora + Jack, Canongate Kirk + New Club, Edinburgh Wedding Video

Edinburgh, warm by night

I know that Brits talk about the weather too much. But I’m still going to open with it anyway. We were filming an Edinburgh wedding video. This was a wedding in April. A wedding in April in Scotland. April showers? NO! Did the sun come out? YES! Was it cold? NO! NOT EVEN AT NIGHT! And Flora + Jack so deserved it. Because rarely do you meet such lovely, kind, funny, genuine people. To be around them is to smile more!! If anyone had the karma points to keep the wind and the rain away from a Scottish April wedding, it was these two*


Canongate Kirk + The New Club, Edinburgh Wedding Video

Top Speeches

My brother was Jack’s best man. I knew he’d been fairly nervous about his speech. I wasn’t worried for him at all, he was always going to deliver. But… then I heard Flora’s dad’s speech… And then I heard Jack’s speech… Both were so funny, charming and heartwarming. Through teary eyes… I was worrying for my brother. But of course he still smashed it.

These were honestly some of the best speeches I have ever seen. I’ve welled up each time I’ve heard Jack’s speech. And that’s about 20 times through the editing process… :’ )


this is not to say that our rainy-wedding-day couples were rained on because of bad karma points. Weather is definitely a matter of luck, and not of karma. 



F o l l o w   U s !