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Emily + James, Park View Farm, Wokingham, Berkshire Wedding Video


This wedding video couldn’t be much more special to us. A couple of weeks ago, my big brother James (or Jams to us) married his boyhood crush-come love of his life, Emily (or Ems to us). The wedding was so lovely. Emily made her wedding dress. Yep. And making dresses is no part of her day job. We still don’t really know how she did it…

They strayed far from tradition on their day, which made for a casual, relaxed atmosphere. That, coupled with the fact that both families had known each other for decades, gave Jams & Ems’ wedding a vibe that you rarely come across. Everyone was at ease, everyone let their hair down, and everyone had a day to remember.

Oh and the evening finished with a fire pit and a bride and groom passed out in their tents. Good stuff.

Ben obviously didn’t want to be working on their wedding day, but also really wanted to make them a small film for them to remember their day… He also wanted to make them a video that suited them and their wedding: unique (I hate that word but in this case it’s apt); beautiful; a little out there; what’s that word for loving things that are quirky/rustic/homemade..?… sooooo, he solved all these problems with these simple steps:

1. Film exactly as much as he needs for the film, no more, no less
(mhm – everything that he filmed is in the video)

2. Put the camera down after groom’s speech
(I think because it coincides with when the drinking really begins)

3. Only use lens whacking
(a selection of guests at the wedding remarked, “Ben doesn’t seem to have attached his lens to his camera properly”
For those camera-savvy among us, we know that this isn’t the case, it’s just the lens-whacking-way…
Ben loves a bit of lens whacking, and while I’m not the biiiggest fan.. it works so well for this video – it’s what gives it that nostalgic feel – the fleeting focus makes it dreamy and leaves you wanting more – and it suits the day and the couple, especially since I’ve not seen a wedding video like it before: Unique (I hate that word)


So, hope you enjoy this here Berkshire wedding video. I’d tag who their photographer was, but they didn’t hire one. My Auntie Caroline sorted them out behind her camera all day 😉
Oh and their wedding was a marquee wedding at Park View Farm, Old Wokingham Road, Berkshire (Next to Easthampstead Park). It’s beautiful and very, very reasonably priced.

F o l l o w   U s !