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Claire and Chris, Notley Abbey Wedding Video

Nostalgia from Rock My Wedding

Ever since filming Charlotte’s (of Rock My Wedding) Notley Abbey wedding video, we’ve wanted to go back again and again. So whenever we get an enquiry through for a Notley Abbey wedding, we get excited…

Old Friends

…When we get an enquiry through from an old school friend’s sister, who is engaged to a dude who builds cars… and is driving to Notley Abbey is an AC Cobra (a car that we luckily knew about after Zac had been gifted one from his wife back in Great Fosters) …we’re pretty much jumping up and down. Or at least I am, Ben doesn’t really jump.
We were so glad that Claire and Chris opted to have an engagement video too. An engagement shoot is the perfect way for us to get to know the couple, and vice versa. In this case it was a great way for us to get to know the couple’s french bulldog too, and man did we love Pierre…

Notley Abbey Wedding Video

Chris’ speech is so, so good. I don’t cry at wedding films, I’ve kind of hardened to them after doing so many – now I just love watching them without the tears. But I well up watching this one every time and it’s Chris’ speech that does it. It’s heartwarming, really sweet and so funny, which is really difficult to do altogether.

We’ve become really great friends with Claire and Chris since the wedding. They’re absolutely wicked. We love watching their wedding video, and we hope you do too 🙂


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