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Penny & Josh, Babington House Wedding Video, Somerset


A Babington House Wedding Video Under our Belts – Finally!

We have wanted to film a Babington House wedding video for a long, long time. As does any wedding photographer or videographer that has never worked there. So when we received an enquiry from Penny and Josh we were pretty chuffed 🙂

A Quick 5-aside to Start the Day

As we drove along the beautiful driveway leading to Babington House, we spotted Josh, kitted up, boots on, for the traditional (hmm…) morning-of-the-wedding 5 aside football game…….. Amazing. Any groom who likes football is alright by us, any groom who prioritises a football game on the morning of his wedding is our hero. And they were all Spurs fans – photographer included! So all in all, a great start. I don’t know how, but the day only got better from there.

A Killer Groom, a Bride to Die for

Penny got ready in one of the main hotel rooms. They are so beautiful. The whole hotel is breathtaking. It’s no wonder it’s a hot spot for celebrities – which I wish I would’ve known before running barefoot to my car for a tripod and nearly being run down by Rhys Ifans in his Range… great.

Anyhoo, so she got ready in the most beautiful room, and she had (and I don’t say this lightly) the most beautiful dress. People often ask me what’s my favourite dress of all the weddings I’ve done, and I can’t really answer, their are so many amazing dresses… but Penny’s is definitely high up there (maybe at the top… maybe… I think so…). She looked incredible. Josh is a lucky guy. But then Penny is a lucky lady too. So I guess they’re just a perfect couple.

Wedding Photography by Pippa Mackenzie and Joe Short

It was brilliant to work with Pippa Mackenzie. Ben had had the pleasure of meeting her already at Oli and Rob’s wedding at Lime Wood, while I was sulking at home, 8 and 3/4 months pregnant 🙁  She’s brilliant (Pippa I mean), and she had the lovely Joe Short assisting her too. So all round, a really, really lovely bunch of people – guests, couple, photographers, staff, suppliers,  Rhys.. etc. etc.

A Banging Finish to the Perfect Day

You can always tell a really great wedding from the dancing at the end of the night. Everyone needs to be fully submersesd in the dancefloor. Penny and Josh’s wedding was one of these weddings. Kicked off with an incredible rendition of ‘Purple Rain’ by Webby (Josh’s legendary – by all accounts, and witnessed by us – stepdad)- the party was incredible. Neither myself, Ben, Pippa nor Joe wanted to leave.

So a big thank you to Penny & Josh for having us at your wedding, we loved every minute!!!

F o l l o w   U s !