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Wedding Videographer Training

Wedding Videographer Training

After 20 years of filming wedding videos, it’s safe to say I have been there, done that, made mistakes and learned my lessons. I have immersed myself in what can be an incredibly rewarding industry – both financially and mentally. By offering wedding videographer training, I feel I am able to help fast track people, so they don’t have to make as many mistakes as I did in my first years!

I offer one-to-one wedding videographer training, and will tailor the course to suit you. Whether you’re a complete novice wanting to break into wedding videography, or you’re more experienced and just want to know more. My expertise allows me to include business management, preparation, capturing audio, lighting, shooting and editing the final film.

Current camera choice

I currently shoot with Sony a7s2’s and for very special jobs, with my RED Raven. I also work with Sony FS5 and FS7s and in the past have also worked extensively with various Panasonic and Canon cameras.

Stabilisation, audio and lighting

If experience teaches you anything, it’s what you should have, and just as importantly, what you shouldn’t. Different weddings require different kit. From capturing audio outside in the wind, to trekking up hills on destination weddings. My training courses will give you a run down of the kit that I prefer for each type of wedding. I will also talk you through problems you will come across in wedding videography, and the best bits of kit to help in these scenarios.

Colour Grading & Editing

Whether you want to learn simple editing, audio editing, colour grading, working with Film-Convert or LUTs, or anything else. I also offer one-to-one training to cover the editing process.

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Please feel free to contact me at or on 07894 902190 for more info

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