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Melbourne Wedding Video

Ben flew out to Australia to film Oli and Julia’s Melbourne Wedding Video. He knows Oli from his rapping days. Ben retired from rapping, for a hardcore life of… bouquets and dresses… but Oli’s still going and killing it as Fraksha.
What else to say? I’m told it was an amazing wedding! Congratulations Julia + Oli 🙂

Melbourne Wedding Video, Australia. By Destination Wedding Videographers Kissing Gate Films




London Wedding Video + London Wedding Photos all Wrapped up in a Tudor Barn Wedding

Kim and Kofi, from K&K Labs, were so sweet when they got in touch to ask us about filming their London Wedding Video. It means a lot when we can tell a couple genuinely love our work and it makes us so eager to film their wedding.

London Wedding Video by Destination + London Wedding Videographer Kissing Gate Films


Rain Shmain

The heavens opened and everyone was rushed indoors. Did anyone whinge? Complain? Moan? No. Did everyone instead hit the bar and crack on having a great time? Yes. A test for any wedding party, and Kim and Kofi’s passed with flying colours. And it dried up and we headed out into the fresh smelling gardens at Tudor Barn.  and not a single person whinges or complains. They just hit the bar and crack on with the day. That’s the sign of a great wedding party!

Tudor Barn Eltham

We had never been to this venue before filming Kim + Kofi’s London wedding video. We didn’t know what to expect as it is bang smack in the middle of a busy area of London. When we arrived we were amazed! The barn is beautiful – and a Steakhouse too – which you really can’t go wrong with. But the barn wasn’t even the most impressive part. This venue really is a hidden away little gem, and the most beautiful part of it are the gardens. They’re huge, with little hidden bridges and secret gardens and a river running round the barn. A really lovely venue and well worth having a look if searching for somewhere special in this area.



Edworth Manor Farm, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire Wedding Video by Destination Wedding Videographers Kissing Gate Films. Thumbnail Image credit to Marianne Taylor

Binky + Daz, Bedfordshire Wedding Video

Recently my sister-in-law-to-be asked me about our extended highlight edits. I always remember Binky + Daz’s Bedfordshire wedding video when recalling our longer highlights films. Probably to do with the fact that it was the first 10 minute highlights we did, but more so because I think it still stands as one of our best. We throw around the word “timeless” when describing out wedding videos. But truthfully how can you know that your films will be timeless?? I think Binky + Daz’s video might be the best proof we have that they just might be – as it’s over 5 years old now and still up there with our most current.

Binky’s words

Another thing I always remember when thinking about Binky + Daz’s wedding was the amazing testimony Binky gave – not just for the film Ben made for her – but for Wedding Videos in general.

Binky: Obviously when planning my own wedding I was pretty well connected to source some amazing peeps. Being in the industry and being a photographer, stills and film were obviously very important to me. I lost my Dad nearly 10 years ago and I have no moving footage of him. I know what weddings involve, the rare gathering of all the people you love the most.

For me a film was a must as I know in years to come some of those people sadly won’t be here anymore. On film you get to see the expressions, the way someone holds them self, they way they walk and if they throw their head back when they laugh.

The First Viewing

I still remember the first time Ben text me to say he posted a film on facebook and wanted my opinion. We had no idea it was ours! Off I trundled to have a look and had total goosebumps when i saw the title frame. I don’t even know how to write this next sentence, how to sum up how that film makes me feel. I watch it and smile, I feel like I am there all over again, I can smell the flowers, feel the sun on my face and feel the love from everyone in that barn. Ben was given a gift when he arrived on earth and that was to capture all of this. To tell peoples stories in the most magical way possible. He didn’t miss a single thing, what we ate, what we drunk, the people we love, our gorgeous pooch but most of all how we feel about one another.

Every time I watch the film I smile and cry all at the same time, it brings back amazing memories of what is by far the best day of my life. Ben will never know how grateful we both are for our film, for getting us, what is important to us and putting it all together in the most beautiful way.

I’ve just watched it again whilst writing this and I am off, teary but oh so happy, its beautiful and I love it so much! Thanks Ben x

Rock My Wedding

Binky + Daz’s wedding was published on the Rock My Wedding Blog in 2013 (think Charlotte’s probably a bit more on top of things than we are…). So if you want anymore info about her wedding or to see more of her beautiful photos by Marianne Taylor, head over there and have a look 🙂


Nairobi Wedding Video by Destination Wedding Videographers Kissing Gate Films

Nairobi Wedding Video

Ben’s now been over to Nairobi a lot. The Kissing Gate Films pile of Nairobi wedding videos is racking up. He counts himself lucky of course. Nairobi is a beautiful country and always an adventure (link contains explicit content). Devi & Neer’s wedding was absolutely incredible. What’s more is Ben got to chill out with Anil and Beena, of Zurih Sia, which is always a pleasure! This is a high budget, high tempo, amazing Nairobi Wedding Video.

Teaser with Highlights to Follow

This video is just the teaser edit, so if you were sitting there having finished watching, gutted that you’d seen all you could of their Nairobi Wedding… Worry no more!! The highlights film will follow soon.


An oldie but a goodie

Alisa and Guy’s Bibury Court Wedding Video reaches the blog over 4 years after their wedding. But we think it’s standing the test of time as we still love it.

Bibury Court Wedding Video by Destination Wedding Videographers Kissing Gate Films

Bibury Court, Cotswolds Wedding Video

Sadly Bibury Court Hotel is no more. After fighting for years to remain a hotel, it was converted back into a private house in 2015. Which is very sad for future wedding couples looking for somewhere magnificent in the Cotswolds to get married.

One of a kind

Alisa and Guy’s wedding was beautiful. Alisa remains one of the most beautiful brides we’ve ever filmed. Her dress and her amazing headpiece were stunning. They are the loveliest couple and we were honoured to be able to film their day and to even have had the chance to meet and spend time with them. We loved catching up with them at Dan and Gabi‘s wedding the year later too.

F o l l o w   U s !