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South East Wedding Video

Ben and I met Carlene in Colombia, when we were there for our mutual friend’s Cartagena wedding, in the beautiful Catedral de Santa Catalina de Alejandría. We had a week in a beautiful old monastery with a pool in the courtyard and home made Bloody Marys every morning for breakfast. It was amazing! We got on on holiday and kept in touch when we got back. And that was it. The friendship was firmly rooted. And just to make sure, we introduced her to our good friend Andrew. So now they’re married and she’s stuck with us! Woohoo!

Lens Whacking

We made this short video as a wedding gift for the couple. The whole video was shot using lens whacking (using a lens that is not fixed to the camera). It’s a bit erratic, but the soft, fleeting focus and the light spillages make it dreamy and a little bit magic.

South East Wedding Video


Chicago Wedding Video

Where to start with this Chicago Wedding Video… The people, the venues, the city, the dress…

It was pretty spectacular…

Counting our Lucky Stars

Ben and I felt so lucky to be a part of this weekend. In fact, we turned to each other countless times throughout our long weekend in Chicago and said “we’re so lucky that we do this for a living”. Not only when we were cycling along next to lake Michigan or eating deep pan pizza at Lou Melnatti’s; not only when we were watching live blues music at howl to the moon or when we were tucking into the delicious Park Hyatt breakfasts overlooking Chicago city; not only when we were tucking into Eli’s Cheesecakes at the family’s factory or drinking old fashioneds with old friends.  We were saying this to each other when we were deep into a demanding, 14 hour shoot on the wedding day. There was no rest for the wicked, but who needs rest when you’re having such a good time? There’s a reason both of us were still on the dance floor at 2am…


You’d be pretty hard pushed to find a people as warm, funny and interesting as this group. We’ve rarely felt so welcomed and it was a real honour and pleasure to have met these two families, and to have been part of this wedding. From the moment the Mother of the Bride sent us the first email asking if we were available to film this Chicago wedding video, we knew this was going to be something special! Maureen has quickly become one of our favourite people! And our favourite MOB to date!

Interfaith Marriage

Interfaith marriages are always our favourite. There’s little more uplifting than seeing families from different religions embracing each other and celebrating traditions and beliefs alongside each other. The ceremony may just be the most beautiful, meaningful and charming ceremony we’ve ever seen.

Morgan Manufacturing

After a first look at Seneca Park and a couple’s shoot around the city, the ceremony and reception were held at Morgan Manufacturing. The venue was incredible. And the flowers and details on display were chosen to match. I’m not going to try and describe it anymore than that! If you want to see how incredible it is, just take a look at the video 🙂


A Christmas Wedding

Rehannah + Ajay’s Blenheim Palace Wedding Video is full of Wintry, Christmassy magic. Blenheim Palace is an enchanting place to be at Christmas time, with towering, decadent Christmas Tree that fill the room with the scent of pine needles.

Blenheim Palace Wedding Video by Wedding Videographers Kissing Gate Films


Hotel Monasterio de San Martin (Finca Monasterio) Wedding Video

Gibraltar Wedding Video

Well not technically a Gibraltar Wedding Video, but it’s where Asha’s from and it’s close enough so hey ho. Anyway… We shared Asha + Laurence’s sneak preview a few months back. We know you’ve all been waiting anxiously since then, but no more! The full highlights film is finally here. Mhm, your cheers are warranted. It’s a real goodun’. Leslie, Asha’s dad, nails his speech. He’s so lovely and his speech was perfect, managing to say the sweetest thing, but not sound cheesy! A very difficult balance to achieve!

Speeches and a Half

Laurence + his brother Ed did well also, of course. Come to think of it, they’re some of the best speeches we’ve seen. and Ed is definitely on the ‘best best man speeches of all time’ scoreboard. So all in all nice work Walker/Andrew clan.

Trocadero Sotogrande Beach Club

The wedding video starts off with snippets from Asha + Laurence’s after party at Trocadero Sotogrande. The pool party was the perfect chilled way to nurse the hangovers from the wedding. Snoozy, long lunches, hair-of-the-dog cocktails, and an inevitable second wind with poolside tunes and grown up (ish) games of catch.


F o l l o w   U s !