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Joy & Ben, Pinewood Studios Wedding Video, Buckinghamshire


A Different Wedding Venue: Pinewood Studios Wedding Video

Needless to say it was a cool place to film. For film makers (ok mostly in weddings – but it’s not an easy gig folks), somewhere like Pinewood Studios is a little awe-inspiring. On another day we might be sad that we weren’t turning up to film an epic feature (one day…), or the next critically acclaimed TV series (one day…), but on this day we weren’t. Why? Cos we had met Joy and Ben, and they were alright. So, a Pinewood Studios Wedding Video it was.

The Boardroom at Pinewood Studios

The boardroom at Pinewood Studios was the setting for Joy and Ben’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet, charming and touching, just like we like them! The boardroom was beautiful, with amply natural light, thumbs up from us wedding videographers.

 The Club Bar at Pinewood Studios

Following the ceremony, the guests made their way through to the club bar for reception drinks and canapes. The club bar, like the entire venue, just oozed style – complete with a big, sandstone feature fireplace, mahogany wall panels and beautiful arched french patio doors (more natural light, thanks, thanks) . The club bar was originally Pinewood’s gun room, which shouldn’t be cool, but it is.

The Ballroom at Pinewood Studios

Again, just a really attractive room… Joy decorated in beautifully. Her centre pieces were pastel coloured jars in all shapes and sizes, with gorgeous selections of wild flowers. The top table had a lovely Mr & Mrs string sign draped over the front. My personal favourite were the cupcakes – they were SO cute, and delicious, and aesthetically perfect (not a common cake description?).

An Incredible and, unbelievably, an Unchoreographed First Dance

Just as the heading said – it was so good. I told them after, and asked how much planning it had taken – and she said they just did it off the cuff. When it came to editing Joy and Ben’s Pinewood Studios Wedding Video, the first dance just had to open it.

F o l l o w   U s !