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Fliss & Zac, Great Fosters Wedding Video, Surrey


For most people winning an Olympic medal in their home country, in front of roaring crowds, would probably be the highlight of their summer, but for Zac that was just the beginning. In August Zac and Fliss were married at St. Paul’s cathedral. Fliss looked incredible, and unbelievably happy as she arrived at the cathedral, to crowds of people wanting to see who was getting wed at this high profile venue. Walking up the stairs Fliss said “There are all these people here!”, her bridesmaid replied “they’re all here to see you, so if I were you I’d give them a big wave!”, so she did and she got a huge cheer! It was the most surreal and also the sweetest entrance I’ve ever seen. The ceremony was also followed by one of the most surreal exits people have probably seen – Our Audi estate reversing ahead of the wedding car, with the boot wide open and Ben hanging out of it clutching his camera! Very brave for Ben and quite funny for the rest of us, it did make for a lovely shot of the wedding car leaving though.

I can honestly say I don’t think we have ever met two nicer, sweeter, more genuine, happy people. By just looking at Fliss and Zac, you instantly see how in love with each other they are, and this comes across in the film (or at least I hope it does!). Below the film are also a number of stills taken from the video for your viewing pleasure 🙂

St. Paul’s Cathedral & Great Fosters Wedding Video

Great Fosters in Egham provided the perfect surroundings for the exchange of two pretty special wedding presents. The wedding planner, Sandy Moretta (she’s amazing), had hinted to us what the presents were so we were really excited to see their reactions. I think it’s safe to say they both chose pretty well!
The reception room was beautiful with candelabra centerpieces and the simple addition of purple wine glasses and gold charger plates made a big difference to the table decorations. Fliss and Zac gave rose bushes as thank you presents during the speeches, which was such a nice touch, I loved the idea of giving something that would last. They also had a gorgeous little wishing tree, a record player with a good selection of vinyls and a pop up cocktail bar for the evening, all of which made the place look good and kept the guests entertained – very nice!!
Ok I’m done. I hope I may have done just enough to get across how nice this wedding day was??
Kate xx
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