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Short Documentary – The Luthier – Andrew Davidson | Ben Marlow Personal Work

A few years ago, on a ferry from Plymouth to Santander, Spain, I got chatting to a guy from Devon called Andy Davidson. He was really nice, and so chilled. I couldn’t help thinking that was because he did what he loved, and didn’t care about whether that’d fund a new car or designer wardrobe (though I’m guessing a designer somewhere along the way has taken inspiration from a hoody just like his!).

When I told Ben about Andy, it got him thinking… Ben got into filming because he loved story telling through such a creative medium, but along the way he’s concentrated more on jobs that pay the bills, and left little time for jobs that inspire him and challenge him as a story teller. While we love life as wedding cinematographers – our whole ethos behind the way we work at weddings is not to direct, but rather to film emotion as and when it happens. With this short film, Ben would be able to direct, imagine and create. Plus he could have fun with his toys, including his beautiful Sachtler tripods and the Ace shoulder rig, all of which were kindly provided by the Vitec group.

So we sent Andy a message, asking if he would let us travel to Devon to make him a mini documentary about his guitar making. Luckily, he loved the idea, and Ben made ‘Andrew Davidson, The Luthier’, which is probably our favourite piece of work to date.

This Guitar Maker documentary is the first installment in Ben Marlow’s Humble Heroes series, in which he wishes to capture the stories of people who inspire him through pursuing their passions, for no reason other than because it’s what they love to do.


Kate xx


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