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Tina & Dan’s Civil & Hindu Wedding, Northbrook Park Wedding Video


Friends Re-united in the London Wedding Video Making

One of the best, if not the best, bits about this job, is the volume of people you meet and the friends you make as a result. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have made a fair few really good friends whilst working as wedding videographers. So when old school friends get in touch about filming their weddings, we always get excited. You know that filming their wedding is going to be a bit different – that familiarity brings a really special vibe – it was that way with Craig and Nicola’s Chewton Glen wedding, Steve and Kasia Wentworth club wedding, Claire & Chris’  Notley Abbey Wedding, Dan and Gabi’s Hedsor House Wedding, Jess & Mark’s Hamilton Island, Whitsundays Wedding etc. etc.
So wheeeeere was I…. ok, yes, here – Ben went to school with Dan, and we couldn’t be happier for him that he’s nabbed himself the crème de la crème of wives – Tina.

A Hindu Ceremony in The Orangery at Northbrook Park

The mandap for Tina and Dan’s Hindu wedding ceremony was set up in The Orangery at Northbrook Park. You reach The Orangery by walking through the secluded, beautiful, bucolic paradise of the walled gardens. The Orangery appears as a long row of double glass doors, framed by trees and climbing plants. Inside, the glass covered roof fills the room with natural light, and the exposed brick walls and views to the verdant outdoors make it a stunning, contemporary setting for a wedding.

Let’s not forget that this day at Northbrook Park was not like any other day… The Orangery was all the more breathtaking set up for Tina & Dan’s Hindu ceremony. Complementing the surroundings perfectly – Tina & Dan had Chanda Vyas conducting their interfaith Hindu ceremony. She is instantly warm and funny, and brings a unique feel to her ceremonies. Ben had met her previously at Anouska & Scott’s Packington Moor Wedding, and was excited to see her again. As Britain’s first female Hindu priest, she is inspiring, yet not at all intimidating. The ceremony she conducted for Dan & Tina was brilliant. We do feel she needs a word with Ganesh though – he seems to be perpetually sleepy at her ceremonies – a trait she continues to blame on his keen Facebook usage…

A Civil Ceremony in The Vine Room at Northbrook Park

So if the wonderful Hindu ceremony wasn’t enough – Tina & Dan then led their wedding party out past the gardens, through the garden gate, into the incredible Vine Room. The Vine Room is just as spectacular, complete with marble floors, crystal chandeliers and panoramic arched glass doors. Hats off to whoever designed this place.

A Northbrook Park Wedding Video

If I haven’t conveyed it already – then let’s try one more time – This venue is amazing.
It doesn’t have just one wow factor, it’s got loads – they just keep coming. You think you might’ve scratched the surface when The entrance to the grand drive reveals The Estate and the beautiful house. But you haven’t – you still have the Nun’s garden to wow you, The Orangery, The Vine Room, Northbrook Lake – did I not mention the lake? See – there’s so much to this venue that you forget about the beautiful lake! The peacocks, The Lodge, the 120 acres of idyllic parkland…

Well I feel like that’s earnt me a cup of tea, I’ll leave you to watch this Northbrook Park wedding video 🙂

Please enjoy!

Kate xx

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