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Anouska & Scott, Packington Moor, Staffordshire, Hindu Wedding Video


I’m jealous.

I too want 2 wedding outfits. I too want the white wedding dress and the beautiful red and gold of Indian weddings. I guess it’s a good thing I’m with Ben, who is so in love with Indian tradition and culture that at my Sikh friend’s wedding, his reputation preceded him and an auntie said to me “ah yes! You are the one with the Indian husband!”. Perhaps he’ll endorse the wedding outfit duo…

Anyway, moving on from my wants, and onto the wonderful wedding of Noo & Scott. Noo, with her 2 dresses, Grrrr… looked twice beautiful. Their wedding was held at sits amongst the rustic brick and timber buildings, creating a perfect setting for a relaxed, outdoor reception.

Noo and Scott were lucky enough to have Chanda Vyas performing their Hindu Ceremony. Chanda Vyas became the first female Hindu priest to conduct weddings in the UK, and we LOVED her! She was everything you expect from a Hindu priest and so much more – brilliant, entertaining, funny, warm. We loved her pleas for offers of sons for her daughters, and her wake up calls to Ganesh who was “sleepy from being on the facebook all night”.

So without further ado, here it is. I hope you enjoy this wedding video as much as I did when Ben showed me 🙂

Kate xx

Hindu Wedding Video

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