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Hedsor House Wedding

Hedsor House Wedding

We live 10 minutes down the road from Hedsor House, and had always seen it up on a hill in the distance and thought it looked amazing. Some years ago while talking to a family friend, she mentioned that she had been to a Hedsor House Wedding, and they had only recently started offering the house for weddings. As soon as we heard this we knew we had to work there! We instantly got in touch with Hedsor, swiftly filmed our first Hedsor House Wedding Video (back in…. 2012 I think!), and haven’t looked back since!

The Shepherd’s Family Home

The Shepherds owns Hedsor House and are a real delight to work with. We have since filmed dozens of weddings at Hedsor , including Hamish Shepherd’s own Hedsor wedding video at their family home! We love going back there each and every time. The house has been through quite a few changes through the years, with many new rooms being done up into beautiful, luxury bedrooms. The investment they’re putting into the house in definitely paying off, and it’s really exciting to head back to film another Hedsor House wedding video when you know that there are new rooms or features to see!

F o l l o w   U s !