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Bahamas Wedding Video – Paradise Island Proposal


From destination wedding videographers Ben & Kate, Bahamas Wedding Video

From Miami to The Bahamas

After a fun and hectic stint in Miami Beach, eating pizza on the beach in the middle of a tropical storm at 5am, drinking lychee martinis at The Sunset Lounge, eating seafood at the Ritz Carlton, my friends and I flew on over to the Bahamas for a well deserved (heh) rest at Atlantis.
I’d spent the day with my brother (a Bahamas resident – la di da), and got back to 4 girls acting a bit strangely and saying we had to put on nice dresses to go and have a drink with some guys they’d met that day.
They’re all a bit odd anyway – so it’s not so shocking that I didn’t notice something was up – though if anything was to give them away, it would have been the most inhibition-free of them telling me sternly to untuck my dress from my pants – no she didn’t care how hot it was, or how stifling the maxi dress they’d encouraged me to wear was in the overwhelming humidity, and no it didn’t matter that it was pitch black by the pool and noone would see me (‘cos there’s a camera in that tree over there and it’s filming you)

Surprise by the Pool

ANYHOW, we got there, to…. an area by the pool, with no bar in sight, no people in sight – again, nothing out of the ordinary I guess, yeah course, let’s have a seat on this lounger… in the pitch black… oh an ipad? yeah I’d love to watch a video.

And there was Ben, being romantic and saying all these lovely things, which isn’t a common occurence. I thought it was a video apologising for having not replied to any of my texts in the last 24 hours (that’ll be the cocktails distorting the Sherlockian lobe of the brain). Then he appeared in front of me and I realised he hadn’t replied because he was here, and crap! who’s taking Addison to school if you’re here too! and are you real, you look different – it’s your beard – it’s gone! and ah look it’s Pete! and finally, marry you?! Yes!

Thank you Ben 🙂


F o l l o w   U s !