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Grace & Laky, The Crane, Barbados Wedding Photographer

The Crane Barbados Wedding video

The Crane Barbados Wedding Photographer

Barbados wedding video by destination wedding videographers

Barbados wedding video by destination wedding videographers

Barbados Wedding Photographer

Spending a week as a Barbados Wedding Photographer was amazing. And getting to do the film also was a real bonus. Rarely have we felt as welcomed and as comfortable with a wedding party. So much so that Ben and I, and my brother and his fiance, tagged along to their boat party the day after the wedding! This wedding was a pleasure to be a part of from start to finish.

The Crane, Barbados

The Crane, Barbados, was an incredible venue for a wedding. The Carribean sea provided the backdrop to Grace and Laky’s beautiful clifftop ceremony. The wedding breakfast and speeches were held in The Crane‘s Town Hall. The party that followed was up there with the best parties we’ve been at. This is down to the fact that everyone was SO UP FOR IT! Add to that a band with the most incredible front woman who was rapping and singing classic after classic. Oh not to mention the bridesmaid smashing the hell out of the bouquet after catching it (check out the before and after photos of that poor bunch of flowers!) I don’t think Ben or I stopped (working/laughing/dancing) till the lights came on – and we were SHATTERED – so that’s saying something!

Thank you so much to everyone at Grace and Laky’s wedding who made it such a great day, and to all of the staff at The Crane and the amazing wedding planners Lisa St John and Jean Hill from Island Bliss.

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