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Ben + Kate

We thought about it, and realised – there’s no better way to get across who we are, than by showing you a home video! So here we are, the day Ben proposed to me


(just to mention… the shots of Ben super-serious on his journey, followed by him emerging from the water, were very much just us being a bit silly. Though Pete James did make Ben walk out of the water quite a few times… “THE DANIEL CRAIG AGAIN PLEASE, AND BETTER THIS TIME”)


We live with our cameras, our computers and our two little boys.

We love cinematography. We love making music videos, short films, fishing films (yep, fishing films), promotional films and other bits and bobs, but what we love even more, is coming back to where it all started – weddings. It’s where we feel at home, and we reckon it’s what we do best. We believe very strongly in capturing your day naturally, as it unfolds (i.e. we will not be yelling “MORE LIKE DANIEL CRAIG” at you). Natural shots are always our favourite, people are at their most beautiful when they’re showing real emotion. We also consider it very important for us to be hidden in the background on your wedding day, and make sure we are as discreet as can be. We’re chuffed every time we hear “we didn’t even see you!”.

We won’t ramble on any longer, because we know planning weddings makes people very busy, so less time reading – more time watching! And if you like what you see then get in touch. We love to meet our couples before the wedding so that you can be sure your big day is in safe hands.

Ben & Kate xx

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